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Verified Digital Collectible

Remaining supply - -8 NFTs

E-delivery wallets are couriered via email within 24-48 hours and come with a security recovery feature in case you forget your private keys.

Every KOODS NFT Wallet comes preloaded with NFTs and you will get Airdropped new NFT projects from time to time.

KOODS NFT Wallets are designed to be interim wallets for casual use and to facilitate transfers of Crypto Currency and NFTs. Please take necessary security precautions when you transfer digital assets.

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Digital Asset Details

Contract Address: 0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963

Token ID:

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Blockchain Info

Token Standard:


Ownership & Provenance

This NFT digital asset has been created, endorsed and authenticated by KOODS SERVICE and has been added to the blockchain via KOODS.IO. The original file has is stored in unlockable content only accessible by the NFT owners. This NFT serves as a blockchain verified proof-of-provenance and time-stamped for ownership.

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  • Instant confirmation

    After your checkout, you will receive instant confirmation (via Email) that your order has beeen received and the NFT transfer is being processed.

  • NFT Delivery/Transfer

    Your NFTs will be processed the moment you checkout. Sometimes the blockchain can be conjested, so do allow up to 48 hours for your NFT to appear in your wallet. Its usually much quicker.

  • KOODS NFT Wallet

    To own NFTs then need to reside in your NFT wallet. If you don't have a wallet, we will create one for you after your checkout and deposit .

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