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HEX Official

X-87 Deathbringer assault drone

X-87 Deathbringer assault drone

Limited Edition Archival Prints
Made to order in Singapore

Remaining supply - 200 prints

A weapon of mass destruction, created by the Fabricators, a race of technologically advanced beings who were known for their advanced weapons and machinery. The Deathbringer was a highly mobile platform, equipped with a variety of advanced sensors and targeting systems that allowed it to track and engage enemy targets with deadly accuracy. Its arsenal of weapons included railguns, plasma cannons, and micro-missile launchers, making it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Its advanced AI system allowed it to make strategic decisions on the fly and adapt to changing conditions, making it almost impossible to outmaneuver. The Deathbringer struck fear into the hearts of the Fabricators' enemies and was a key factor in their victories on the battlefield.

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Print Materials

Print Technology
Giclée digital prints

Non-pigment lightfast

Organic Bamboo Etching 310 gsm.

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Total paper size: 12.5” x 12.5"

Frameable area: 12" x 12"
The framable area includes a 0.2" border at the top and sides and a 0.5" border at the bottom to fit the signature and to allow for framing. This print is designed for frames with a matted area of 12" x 12"

This art print, was created in limited quantities from HEX Official digital asset during the time own private ownership. It is a limited physical reproduction of the original digital NFT asset and does not represent ownership of the asset itself.

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HEX Official

Discover to the magical world of Hex, where fantastical creatures and ancient civilizations coexist and battle for dominance. Here, you will find powerful Shogun Elves wielding arcane magic, technologically advanced Fabricators constructing deadly machines, fierce Feral Pharaohs ruling over the desert, and brutish Goyards riding on the backs of dinosaurs. In this world of danger and intrigue, alliances are constantly shifting and battles for power and territory are a constant threat. But within this chaos, heroes rise to defend their people and fight for justice, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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